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The following are conceptual renderings of what the tiny homes would look like inside as well as out, in addition to energy efficiency and customization opportunities.  Please note actual homes may vary from these conceptual drawings.

The concept for the Tiny Homes Village is to create homes that are as energy- and space-efficient as possible while incorporating as much available light as possible. Each unit can be transported on a trailer and would contain a full-size bed, built-in shelving for some storage and hanging of clothes as well as a desk and chair. (A kitchen, restrooms, meeting spaces and additional storage would be located in 1-2 community buildings.)  Some homes and the community building(s) would have a photovoltaic panel to capture sunlight. Homes would feature a clerestory window and two vinyl windows to let in as much light as possible. Each home would also have gutters to capture rainwater and divert it into a rainwater harvesting cistern.  A covered front porch with a privacy screen and planters would allow residents to enjoy the outdoors and plant small container gardens of herbs or flowers.  Removable stairs would insure the homes are portable.  The outside of the homes would be covered in durable, cost-efficient siding, and the exterior metal doors could be painted in different colors to provide some room for customization.

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