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The Tiny Home Village in Bernalillo County would be modeled on a number of other tiny home villages operating throughout the country.  Click on the logo or name of any of these communities below to learn more.

Square One Villages

(formerly Opportunity Villages), Eugene, Oregon

SquareOne Villages is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating self-managed communities of cost-effective tiny homes for people in need of housing. They currently operate Opportunity Village, Emerald Village and Cottage Village.

Dignity Village

Portland, Oregon

Dignity Village is an intentional community for the homeless that provides year-round shelter and safety off the street for up to sixty people every night. It sits on City of Portland-owned land, and shares the lot with the municipal leaf composting facility. There are forty-three basic dwelling structures, hosting 50-60 residents in the Village. The vast majority of the structures are made from recycled or reclaimed materials. Dignity Village has an incredibly low environmental impact, as resource use is minimal.

Occupy Madison

Madison, Wisconsin

Occupy Madison, Inc., a membership non-profit organization that has several projects, including OM Build – Building Tiny Homes; OM Goods – Building products for sale to fundraise to build houses; and OM Village, a tiny village for OM’s Tiny Homes. Occupy Madison envisions a place where people with or without current safe housing can live and/or work cooperatively in a way that promotes dignity, safety, stewardship, and sustainability for all.

Quixote Village

Olympia, Washington

Quixote Village provides housing opportunities for people experiencing homelessness, striving to create and sustain a supportive community that promotes access to the care and services its residents need to help them achieve their goals.

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